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The main purpose of the Fingerpod is to provide users with a finger accessory that allows individuals to utilize and access their devices without having them physically present. There are many times when holding a physical mobile or modern electronic device can be difficult, such as while driving, biking, carrying groceries, working out, and other active tasks. In the current market, there lacks a remote option to control said devices sans direct access to the product.

Ingenious and practical, the Fingerpod offers a modern accessory that allows users to operate their mobile/electronic devices as needed from their index finger, from a certain distance, all without having to physically touch the primary device. The Fingerpod introduces a novel, technologically advanced computing accessory that can be comfortably worn on the index finger. With advanced technology, users can connect the Fingerpod to any electronic smart device including a phone, an iPad, a computer, etc. via a Bluetooth connection. Once the device has been successfully paired, they will then be able to operate their devices as needed without the active obligation to touch that specific medium.

As a result, users will be able to enjoy an improved remote user experience while engaging in other daily or physical activities. Moreover, the Fingerpod may benefit individuals who have limited mobility in their hands as it will empower their accessibility; thus, this unit may prove to be essential in the technology industry.

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